Album Review: Sick Mind-Nothing Bad Happens, Ever

Let us introduce to you Sick Mind, a hard rock band from New Jersey, USA. For fans of Steel Panther, Guns n Roses, Motley Crue

Their album Nothing Bad Happens, Ever has certainly taken us back a few decades, with its many air guitar moment guitar solos and frontman Dominic Noviello’s 80’s style raw vocals. The music is a mixture of hard rock and hair metal, we imagine in a live situation the gigs could get quite raucous.

The album is very predictable, with each song having a very similar structure and feel. Sick Mind don’t leave a lot of space in their music which we think they could utilise to create a bigger impact. We can’t shift the feeling that this band are trying too hard to be in their genre, they aren’t showing who they are personally and lack originality. The musicianship could be tighter and more thought out to create intensity and movement.

We didn’t believe the vocalist in his lyrics for most of the songs, we feel lyrics are very important and couldn’t quite connect with what he was trying to say, it was all a bit blasé and to be honest at times felt quite fake.

However, our favourite track on the album was Cry Wolf, it felt genuine, which was a feeling that none of the other tracks gave us and the vocals sat very well. The melody of the chorus was very enjoyable ‘I won’t be fooled by your silly games’ and the vocals felt believable. The whole band seemed to work together well on this track, complimenting each other rather than fighting over one another, although the unnecessary guitar solo ruined it a little. Less is more, the less you use a guitar solo, the more impact it will have when you do use it, and we had already heard 8 guitar solos through the album by this point.

Overall, it ticked all the right boxes for a hard rock album, but it lacked originality which we think they will need to find to stay current in this ever-changing music world. When 80’s hair metal and hard rock was born it was new and exciting, but now it’s become cliche. Sick Mind will have to work hard to put their own stamp on the style, and they shouldn’t be afraid to do so.


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