Single Review: Jack Savoretti- Changes

Jack Savoretti has gone a long way toward establishing himself as an artist in 2012, and his latest offering Changes is a testament to what can be achieved through honing your skills and mastering your own voice.

The lyrics in changes, though morose and somber, aren’t steeped in pubescent self loathing or scarred with mournful self pity. That being said it has struck a similar chord in us. Perhaps what seems like a traditionally written and convincingly delivered pop song is not just skin deep.

We can’t help but think that the undertones of despair and frustration could indeed be a reflection on relationships within modern society, and dealing with the moments that come about in life that remind you that you’re not 14 anymore, or 18, or 26, or 38 for that matter. Yes the song is about relationships, but it could be argued that isn’t it through relationships that we learn to change into the people we’re going to be?

Perhaps we’re reading in to this too much, but that’s the beauty of ‘Changes’. The lyrics mean something, and what they mean exactly to Jack Savoretti may not necessarily be the same to what they mean to the listener, and that creates something invaluable- an individual experience for the listener.

If we were being critical we could say that we are thoroughly glad the lyrics are as deep as they are, as we’ve heard many songs not dissimilar in structure and instrumentation. However, the depth of lyrical content, combined with Savoretti’s wistful tone has seen Changes as the sort of song that reminds us of all those poignant moments we have in life. Though at the time they can seem frightful, we learn from them and look back on them afterwards with eyes of endearment.


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