Album Review: Sandi Thom- Flesh And Blood

Sandi-Thom-Flesh-and-Blood-CD-ArtSandi Thom, remember her? She sang that soft and happy pop song called I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair) that most people know her for. However this, Flesh & Blood,  is her fourth full length release, and the opening track is a killer!

If you were expecting a track along similar lines as ‘that song’ then you’ll be quite surprised, whether that be pleasantly or not. The opening track of Sandi Thom’s latest album, Flesh and Blood, is a very bluesy and poppy. Her voice is so strong. Seriously, it will pull you in, and won’t let go! The track’s called Help Me, and opens with a gritty and dirty sounding guitar with Sandi humming some notes in an obviously minor key. However bluesy it is, it’s kind of stereotypical, rather like something Christina Aguilera would do. It features a harmonica, a traditional sounding piano (not a shitty piano-effect-synth that pop acts love to use) and some back up vocalists from a Motown recording. Nevertheless, It’s still an awesome tune that will tear right through you and make you forget anything you thought you knew about Sandi Thom.

The second track opens with a steel stringed acoustic guitar and some very sombre drums. It’s very much a ballad, and what was expected when going into this review. Sandi’s beautiful vocals are shown off, but not in that flashy ‘look at me’ kind of way that so many pop artists do. There’s a pain in her voice that makes the song so much more than just a love ballad.

Five tracks in, a fairly psychedelic pop-rock song named In The Pines appears. By this point, Sandi will have your balls in her hands, and you will follow everything she says (This coming from a writer who is a punk rock Australian who despises anything hinting at mainstream). When psychedelic is mentioned, it does not refer to Tame Impala or Led Zeppelin. It refers to some slight reverb and wah wah. Sandi’s voice is not altered at all. The pain and emotion is what makes her so incredible. Whether she makes these stories up or not is a mystery, but her heart must be broken into a million pieces if they are true!

Rise As One is another Blues track, and makes an appearance in the ninth spot on this record. With a slide guitar similar to Australian artist Ash Grunwald, just very toned down, Sandi gives a real Southern American feel on this track. More vocal acrobatics give another Christina Aguilera feel, but all in all, Sandi is fucking amazing.

(Yes we’re going to talk about Australia again)

In Australia, there’s a massive festival called Bluesfest which takes place in Byron Bay, half way between Brisbane and Sydney. It features a lot of really old blues artists, as well as many old popular artists as well. Next year features Paul Simon, Iggy & The Stooges, Robert Plant, Wilco, and shitloads more. Ben Harper, Newton Faulkner and Xavier Rudd all feature as well, so it’s obvious that the festival isn’t just blues. Sandi Thom would be a perfect addition.

This may be a pop album, but it’s safe to say that it is blues influenced, and it’s as deep as they come. This’ll tug at your heart. Oldies will love it, kids probably won’t but what do they know anyway? Sandi may be in her thirties now, but mainstream radio would make a killing off it if they stopped playing crap and concentrated on artists with substance. This is relatable music. This is honest music. This is GOOD music! It may not be overly original, nor is it groundbreaking or genre defining, but Sandi Thom knows her shit. She can sing. She can write. She can tell her band what to do, and how to do it well. Fuck yeah Sandi Thom.


32 comments on “Album Review: Sandi Thom- Flesh And Blood

  1. LMFAO what a pile of!! Sandi Thom sings backing music on tv adverts and thats where she should stay. If anyone in the industry is safe, boring and fucking predictable then its this fucking woman! Boring music for brain dead, beer gutted stoners!

  2. Hay Kelly, why dont you just go fuck yourself. And where exactly have you heard me sing back up music on tv ad’s? I never sang on a fucking ad in my life. If you want to put your balls on the chopping block and give us a tune id be more than happy to critique your work darling?? Have you actually even listened to this record or are you just opening your big fat mouth and talking shit cause you found a platform to do it on? Well me and my fans who are loyal and lovely people and have helped me shift 2 million records, work with unbelivable people and rack up 7 no.1’s would collectively like to tell you to go shove it up yer arse love. G’day.

  3. As much as i dont agree with Kellys post, i have to say (as i am a fan of Sandi Thoms) that for sure the post supposedly made by sandi herself is bullshit because in her own bio she mentions her career does include singing vocals on tv ads before she got signed and did make a living from it. By all means lets stick up for her but c,mon keep it real

  4. all the best sandi but with violet leighton maggie bell bonnie mccallum laura may gibson leah helen turner those are propper scottish blues female artists just unfortunate for them they aint got superstar guitarist as a hubby your not a blues artist good singer tho more suited to the pop n rnb thing but iam a bluesfan and thats my opinion youve jumped the que a bit unfairy due to the amazing mr b lots love xx merry xmas

    • Everyone gets inspired by someone. How do you know she wasn’t a blues fan already? She didn’t exactly jump any queues either, she experienced success at a young age, this is years later. Oh, and Iain; PUNCTUATION.

  5. lol grammar police andrew iam lmao seriously ? i made a valid point take it or leave it theres real blues artist in scotland are we not allowed a opinion here , your obviously ignorant to the female blues artists i mentioned . merry xmas xxxxxx

    • I didn’t comment on the artists you’ve mentioned, so you can’t really call me ignorant. I merely pointed out that you were incorrect in saying it was just her partner that got her famous.

      As for the grammar comment, come on, you didn’t use any punctuation at all, surely that deserves a comment. You can obviously write clearly and concisely, but you didn’t there.

  6. Everyone is entitled to their opinion …like it or not…..!!!! There’s nothing worse than an artist having an outburst, spattered with lots of swear words,in public. It’s not big and it’s not clever.
    I’m shocked at this unprofessional behaviour but even more shocked that Sandi cant spell “hey”…….. Hay is for horses “darling”. My advice… stay silent. Accept that, for some, people do not find your music pleasing to the ear.
    As for Andrew…….. go and lie down in your kennel and stop acting like a groupie whore

  7. Sandi is not a blues artist. Nor is she a pop artist. Nor is she a folk artist. Nor is she a country artist. However, every song on this album brings something new to the table, featuring a different style or genre. So you would call her diverse, and/or alternative. As Andrew said, everyone is inspired by someone else. I never expected that I would be writing a really good review about Sandi Thom. Read my other stuff and know how harsh I am. Everyone can have an opinion. Music is an expression, and a review is an expression about that expression. Fight all you want. The way you handle criticism is what makes you a strong or weak person.

  8. you guys are writers youll write what ye write . she certainly isnt a blues artist anyway and everything on you tube featuring joe b , know what iam saying lol dosnt miss taylor make a point aswell groupy lmfao you got what ye deserved there andrew xxxxx pmsl

    • How am I a groupie? Am I not allowed to respond to comments on my own website? Am I not allowed to defend the artists I featured, or my writers? Please, don’t comment again, it’s quite difficult deciphering your jumbled words.

  9. Really …? grow the fuck up !!!!
    After all is said and done it got the attention it did’nt deserve… were listening, reading , groaning and replying.. while “miss thom” laughs all the way to the bank 🙂 i liked the review better than the song it was passionate and heart felt. unlike the song which was, as mentioned, predictable by today’s standards. A good composition but a little dated perhaps. Another cry for humanity to embrace peace and harmony ..lolx. I guess were alll just sick of the grimm reallitys of life and some of us want bubblegum pooop. * sorry Pop for entertainment .. !!!

  10. youve just proved how bogus you n your magazines a joke and your reveiw is aswell ive had alot of bluesfans including susan taylor watch over this post as it was posted on facebook by a writer from a big blues mag posted it on scottish blues fans for us all to have a laugh at the 2nd childish outburst by your freind youve just made a total cunt of yourself over 1000 fans/all the scots blues players too ive snipped both pages see whos the fool now ya bloody coward
    altering folks comments n deleting comments your bogus

    • been watching thread, sandi ? not classy ! . and ian & susan really put you 2 idiots in your place. and this thread and reveiw defo fake & desperate. hahaha idiots !. if your goin to alter folks comments , id start with your own and sandis 😉

  11. Miss Sandi Thom….oh shut up!! Du bist nur noch peinlich. Mir tut Joe Bonamassa endlos leid mit solch einer Furie zusammen zu sein. Peinlich diese Frau.

  12. what a load of bollocks from the Sandi haters! – Stuart if you liked the review – I take it you actually have listened to the album in question? What did you think of the first track?
    Ok how many of you have actually listened to the album – Ian Gibney – I think you are sitting in a cupboard playing with whatever you can get your hands on – moron!
    Why dont you all listen to the album – buy it, then make a comment, is that what this is all about – good honest reviewS!! I have just been on her facebook, check out the reviews this album has actaully had! I for one will be at Byron Bay – Sandi is indeed perfect for this…..Give the girl a break, this is real good honest music here.

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