Cinema Preview: Seven Psychopaths

Seven-Psychopaths-PosterOUT DECEMBER 5TH


Directed, co-produced and written by Martin McDonagh this new British comedy is the Very Bad Things tale of Marty (Colin Farrell), a struggling writer who just wants to finish his screenplay, Seven Psychopaths.

Billy (Sam Rockwell), unemployed actor and part-time dog thief, is Marty’s best friend. Hans (Christopher Walken), a religious man with a violent past, is Billy’s partner in crime. Charlie (Woody Harrelson) is an unpredictable and extremely violent gangster who wouldn’t think twice about killing anyone who would dare harm his beloved dog.

Billy’s just stolen that dog, and because of that Marty’s going to get all the inspiration he needs to finish his film, if he survives that is.


Seven Psychopaths looks awesome. With an incredible cast, a so-stupid-it-could-actually-happen plot, and the type of non-stop laughs and chaos we enjoyed in films like True Romance, Very Bad Things and The Hangover, it’s a bad trip through a bad time that’s sure to be saved in the annals of movie history.


Do we really need to spell it out?


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