Single Review: Half Crown-Enigma

half crownHalf Crown are a Brighton-born five piece band who claim to produce a new era of upbeat Indie music. The quintet also make use of R&B, Funk, Blues and Rap to make their audience as vast as possible, although they remain unsigned.

The band’s track Enigma has been available to download for free since the 23rd of November after it was played over 100 times on their Soundcloud page. Engima does precisely what any music fan wants from what they listen to; desirability. The track is so catchy and likeable that it’s difficult to not listen again and listen to more of the Half Crown’s work. It also fuses the band’s many influences such as Jimi Hendrix, Blur, Maroon 5, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Kinks.

Based on this track, it is a wonder the band aren’t already signed, particularly because of their unique flair and energy, as well as their use of unusual instruments you don’t tend to find in mainstream music. Engima is peppered with trumpet sections, rapping, hard-hitting gang-style vocals and ridiculously strong solo vocals that bring a really unique and professional element to the track. It is also very well produced right from the discreet guitar-driven beginning, to the blending of different vocal types, right down to the final fade out at the end of the song.

Even without a huge audience, Half Crown have pin-pointed who they want to be as a band, and have combined the perfect assortment of genres and styles. The track has also earned the band a headline spot on the SQ Magazine stage this coming summer, and is sure to help them in the process of earning the widespread fame they deserve.

If Engima proves anything, it confirms that there are really talented musicians out in the world yet to be discovered, and Half Crown are certain to have a very bright future ahead of them with their distinctive, brash and intelligent music.


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