Cinema Preview: The Oranges




Neighbouring couples David and Paige Walling (Hugh Laurie and Catherine Keener) and Terry and Cathy Ostroff (Oliver Platt and Allison Janney) are best friends, and live comfortably on Orange Drive in suburban New Jersey. But all that bliss is shattered and things go a little awry when the prodigal Ostroff daughter, Nina (Leighton Meesier), returns home, having broken up with fiancé Ethan (Sam Rosen), for Thanksgiving after a five-year absence.

For the parents this serves as a perfect opportunity to join the families by pairing Nina up with successful Walling son, Toby (Adam Brody), but, unfortunately for them, it’s his father that captures her attention.


Though a little ruined and Americanised by his role as the let’s just keep making random diagnosis until something sticks Doctor House, Hugh Laurie is one of comedy’s finest talents, and an individual whose presence in a picture usually only leads to good things, but, really, why have critics hated The Oranges so much?

With characters that don’t exactly look that unbelievable, a great cast and a decent array of jokes, the movie looks good enough. The premise may seem a little silly, and perhaps it’s one that’s been overused. But, really, who cares> It looks funny enough.


It’s a green light from us for The Oranges.


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