EP Review: Artemis Redeemer – Rumours

cover[1]The metal/hardcore scene in the UK has been flourishing for the past few years, with small unsigned bands popping up from towns up and down the country, working hard on the gig circuit to keep it alive. Kent five piece Artemis Redeemer commenced just three months ago and proceedings are already well under way as they release a three track EP entitled Rumours.

The powerful intro of the opening track We Are Society hits the listener right in the face from the off and gives us a good idea of what’s about to unfold in front of our very ears. Hefty riffs and vocals with elements reminiscent of bands such as Parkway Drive, In Flames, Architects and Heart of a Coward, grace throughout. They have all the standard elements of a melodic hardcore band; the intricate riffs, the fast and rooted drumbeat, the heartfelt catchy melodies and of course the one thing that would criminal to miss out of any song in this genre, many a breakdown.

The technical ability of each member is evident in this well produced mass of gigabytes, which could easily be mistaken as the work of a larger, more established artist; impressive for a band just starting out. The clean vocals give something a bit different, particularly on the closing track, Rumours, where they flow nice and compellingly, and are sure to be chanted right back to the band when undoubtedly a solid fanbase will be formed.

It’s early days for these boys but from general observation of their social networking, the impression we have gained from this EP and what will need to be hard work to stand out from the ever growing scene, Artemis Redeemer are doing more than alright so far.


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