Album Review: Duff MacDonald-Roots

156975_10150141699303146_5152303_nDuff MacDonald did not have a farm. According to his website ( he had a career in some light porn and starred alongside Russell Crowe and Ryan Reynolds, but I don’t think they were involved in the light porn, at least if it was, it was never publicly released. But Duff is a man of many talents! Not restricted to merely being able to massage a woman’s breast on camera he also puts together a very listenable record or two!

His album Roots was actually released back in February of 2011 but has been circulating the interweb ever since, gaining amiable reviews left, right and centre, or as he’s Canadian – center. Indeed, Canada has a lot to be blamed for: Nickelback, Justin Bieber but it’s also given us the wonderful Carly Rae Jepsen and Maple Syrup and we can now add Duff’s album to that illustrious list of ‘good things to come out of Canada’.

Possibly, the most noteworthy thing about the album is it’s sheer abundance of ideas. Their are 17 different, full length tracks squeezed into this one album. While a few tracks lose their way slightly and the direction of the songs are somewhat lacking they are made up for by numbers such as English Bay, which is a genuinely fantastic summer song which you can practically feel the sunshine coming through your speakers. There’s also a cover of Wayfaring Stranger thrown in there, getting in there before Jamie Woon came along and made it cool. The title track, Roots, is an interesting self-explorative song which helps to make sense of the album in it’s entirety and helps to translate Duff’s interest in the genre’s that he’s playing with through the songs. There’s a bit of acoustic feel-goodery, gospel, blues and elements of more besides.

He will be releasing a new full length LP shortly Naked and I’m sure it will do great. Well done, Canada!

We found duff on the music listings site, Audio Rokit. Check it out.


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