Video Review: Fear of Men-Mosaic

375981_272138932834469_1618864368_nHailed as one of Brighton’s best new bands, Fear of Men debuted their music video for Mosaic back in November. The video for Mosaic marks the first song released off their 7”  release Mosaic.

Shot in a “freezing cold church”, the video opens with a stunning shot of dust drifting down over an abandoned desk and chair, with a reading from Psalms (in the Bible) resonating over the opening notes of the song, From there, the video drifts through a meandering set of artistic shots and having little or nothing to do with the actual song. The band members don’t perform but stand and sit throughout the church as the song flows over random shots. However, if you are looking for some cinematography eye candy, then you are watching the right video. The shots, although random, are perfectly executed from composition to content, to the perfectly executed black and white, old film vibe.

You can’t help but feel like you just want more from this band visually with this video, especially with such a moving and ethereal song. Judging from the general aesthetic of their album covers, band photos, etc, they clearly have a very defined look but it just didn’t translate well to their music video. Deeply rooted in Catholic imagery, the church and angels featured in the video fell in line with their general look but it failed to evoke the same air of mystery and cohesiveness as the rest of their aesthetic.

Mosaic is now available on the band’s bandcamp page. Fear of Men will also be releasing their debut EP Early Fragments in early 2013. Keep up to date with all Fear of Men goings-on at their facebook page and check out the Mosaic music video for yourself below.


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