EP Review: Chris Priest – You Don’t Know The Half Of It

548175_453768748007817_960625510_nHailing from Eastbourne, 19-year-old singer-songwriter Chris Priest has released his debut EP, You Don’t Know The Half Of It, and what a way to break the music scene. Using his influences from all corners of the music spectrum, Chris has created an impressive four-track acoustic EP containing hints of electronic dance and even progressive rock.

The first track, Great Escape, is also his debut single. A simple yet effective track, Chris combines relatable lyrics with exciting acoustic guitar and contrasting electronic accompaniment. The track begins calmly with a series of quirky acoustic riffs, followed by the seemingly flawless vocals. The song progresses with the same style it begins with, making this an uncomplicated track with bursts of raw talent present throughout.

The second track, A Thousand Times, is an even softer song than the first. The acoustic guitar in this track is controlled and simple, mimicking the style of a classic acoustic love song produced by a singer-songwriter. Unlike the first track, this one has an increase in dynamics throughout the verses that leads to the climax of the lyrically-beautiful chorus. The track ends perfectly with a gentle acoustic riff.

The penultimate track, Child At Heart, opens with vocals from the very beginning. The first verse is incredibly gentle, leading to a chorus based heavily around acoustic guitar and electronic accompaniment. The electronic sounds in this track are more striking than in the previous two tracks, showing Chris’ versatility in sounds. Again, the lyrics do not disappoint. Original and exciting, the creative lyrics round off the success of a beautiful track.

The final track, You Don’t Know The Half Of It, is an excellent climax of a wonderful EP. With the acoustic guitar here significantly simpler than in the previous tracks, attention is drawn to the impressive vocals. The sounds in this track are deeper and therefore more alluring, changing the atmosphere of the song and proving that Chris deserves all the credit he gets for diversity. Also, the lyrics are slightly darker and fit in perfectly with the sounds. With a powerful ending, this track is representative of raw talent and true appreciation for music.


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