EP Review: Here Lies A Warning- Frontiers

3801058364-1Here Lies a Warning are a five-piece Metal/Hardcore band from Fife, Scotland, who’ve been playing together since 2007. They formed because of a desire to get their music heard by as many people as possible and have toured around Scotland for three years non-stop with acts such as Enter Shikari, Flood of Red and Memphis May Fire. Here Lies a Warning released their debut EP ‘In Keeping Faith’ in 2010 and released ‘Frontiers’ in July this year.

The EP opens with ‘The Escapist’, which, at first listen comes off as a young metal band finding their feet in the music industry by exploring their musical interests and inspirations. That is to say their sound is neither unique or unusual. Leonardus Segerius’ vocals are so intense their almost haunting, but in a way that might make you listen to Here Lies a Warning countless times. ‘Martyr’ continues the record in music the same way; showing no progression or variety from track to track.

‘Life of Regret’ and ‘Nothing is Out of Your Hands’ act as an instrumental interludes between the overly-angsty rest of the album. However, the production of ‘Frontiers’ is quite effective because this track seamlessly flows into the following. Although it is a classic trait of metal music, the quintet’s use of emotion is fundamentally very negative, causing the EP to lack diversity severely. And with lyrics such as, ‘Your guards, their shields are slowly coming down, they’re getting weaker.’, an interesting use of instruments isn’t focused on.

Each track is fierce and full of pain, but simply does not translate for an enjoyable listen. Although, ‘Frontiers’ does utilise some decent instrumental breakdowns, classic Metal components and seemingly effortless and natural vocal abilities.


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