EP Review: White Clouds And Gunfire – Zero To Hero

White Clouds & Gunfire Cover ArtworkEmerging from Peterborough, pop punk four-piece, White Clouds and Gunfire, have released their exciting debut EP, titled Zero to Hero. In this four-tracked EP, the influences of bands such as We Are The In Crowd and Paramore are evident, proving that the female-fronted band deserve to be appreciated along with internationally-recognised bands of a similar style.

The first track, You Think You Know Me, begins strikingly with a strong electric guitar and drum solo. Following the introduction, the lead vocals, provided by Eveline Verdegaal, do not disappoint. With a unique style and sound, this track is a perfect opener and insight into what’s to come. The skill of the lead guitarist, Jake Matthews, is proved throughout, with there being multiple opportunities for powerful guitar solos. A strong and exciting track, You Think You Know Me shows the raw talent of these musicians and is definitely a great start to an EP that deserves every success.

The second track, Satellite, is softer than the first, but full of fun. With a crescendo leading into the climax of a catchy chorus, this track entices our eardrums with unique lyrics and forceful riffs. The middle eight sees yet another instrumental, in which the drums and guitar maintain the power of this striking track.

The penultimate track, Stand And Be The Hero, is the heaviest track on the EP and shows the band’s diversity. With the exciting drums, provided by Lewis Fountain, more prominent here than in the previous two tracks, it is proved that every member of this band deserves to be regarded as top class musicians. The chorus is simple yet effective as it allows the focus to be shifted to the successful blending of the instruments, making sure that this track compliments the others perfectly.

Last but not least, the final track is titled Turn Out The Lights. A great track to close the EP, this one sees vocal input from the two guitarists as well as the female lead. This track is bursting with quirkiness and interesting aspects such as guitar and drum solos, making it stand out from the previous three tracks and leave us feeling satisfied that we’ve just experienced an original and perfectly polished EP.

The band have recently been performing at shows locally, and will hopefully move further afield in the near future as their profile widens.


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