Album Review: Wall Of The Eyeless-Through Emptiness

3589922975-1In the metal world, we are often faced with monotonous pieces that lack the elements we all originally sought in chasing after metal bands in the first place. Fortunately for us, the Swedes are not having that problem, bringing us Wall of the Eyeless, a two piece (yes, only two!) act and their delicious demo, Through Emptiness. Formed by Russian-born SL, responsible for the electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, bass, and lyrics in the band and Swedish native drummer, Simon, the two make a powerful force that will have the record labels fighting tooth and nail to snatch them up.

Kicking off the album with a very thrash/speed throwback to Slayer, the only predictions that can accurately be made are those that address the great execution that is to unfold. As the most straightforward track, “The Hands” serves up just enough of that special kind of brutal lovin’ that’s sure to strap listeners in for the whole ride.

Drums make their real appearance here in a very Between the Buried and Me type intro. And for the question begged by the second track, “Do We Belong Here?” We say, “Hell yes, you do!” Riddled with glory driven solos and a steady, enticing pace, this track pulls us in. Further invitations are wrapped in the beautiful, unexpected foray into acoustic guitar, and just as suddenly, delivered back into brutal growls, strategically so.

Sincere, epic, and sonically uplifting, the title track displays elements of tone reminiscent to Five Finger Death Punch, but (unlike FFDP) is very interesting to listen to. “Wall of the Eyeless” is vocally intense, dynamic, and, quite honestly, beautiful.

As an 8 minute track, “The Rain Song” gets definite respect from us for tangible ambition on a demo. We are yet again rewarded with lovely, brutal solos, and an overall great cap on a fantastic EP.

Those who take the time to listen to the demo from start to finish (not a hard feat, it gets to be addicting!) can also delight in the fact that, despite the rampant lack of proper production, Through Emptiness is a very circular EP. At the beginning of “The Hands” we hear a creaky door open, and as “The Rain Song” comes to a close, that same door creaks shut. While it’s a very small detail compared to the rest of the musical aspects, we tip our hats to the aim of a circular, complete piece.

Overall, this demo, while not groundbreaking, is great. Sincerely done, it is apparent that these guys love what they do and have a real talent for making metal as it should be done: minus the obnoxious tortured pig squeals and cheaply executed breakdowns, while being sonically unpredictable. You will definitely want to stick around for these guys, because we can’t wait to see what comes next once they get in a real studio.

Go ahead, go check out their Facebook. 


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