EP Review: Ducking Punches: I Am Arturo Bandini

2740103143-1Who combines gritty vocals with violin and acoustic guitar? Up and coming folk punk act, Ducking Punches does, and by Batman, we like it! For a group that started as a “necessity” in the aftermath of a band breakup, Ducking Punches has a spot on sound that’s sure to please the whole family. Today, we suggest you funnel love to their newest offering, the I Am Arturo Bandini EP.

As the most upbeat track to the EP, “Burnt Matches” has a pleasant, steady progression that initiates automatic, irresistible head bobbing and/or foot tapping. Lyrically, it follows the sincere, straightforward sensibility that the whole EP seems to tout.

Disparaging the new norms in society, “Worm in the Apple” is at first go scathing, but very motivated. Stick around, and the track leads on to be quite uplifting, with the group pushing past the muck and apathy and pledge-shouting “we stand together”.

With a lilting, jaunty feel, “Wrecking Ball” is definitely the type of track you want to keep in your back pocket for the days you need a pick me up.

With the EP taking a small step down in tempo as it progresses, “Marching Amongst Giants” is overall the calmest piece of I Am Arturo Bandini. A true tale of how life shapes who we are, this song is equal parts uplifting and sincere.

Sincere and soul mending, I Am Arturo Bandini provides a special brand of songwriting that we need more of in the world. With their DIY mentality, Ducking Punches employs uplifting honesty at the heart of their folk punk sensibility. This is an EP that will give a little piece of itself to all who care to listen, so buckle up and head on over to the Lockjaw Records Bandcamp to check out this lovely, raw release.


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