Single Review: Yossarian Lives- Every Christmas (You’re Not Quite Her)

487092_479902535382054_1823883080_nBeginning with a beautiful girl and a beautiful piano riff, this appears to be quite a sombre Christmas ballad. However as you watch this video, the confusion takes over as Yossarian Lives manage to be ridiculously creepy.

The lyrics of the song are apparently a mashup of Irish folk songs, as the band is in fact Irish. Not everyone knows Irish folk songs unfortunately, so this review is conducted by one totally oblivious Australian.

The video is weird. The song is weird. The lead singer is very softly sung and appears quite similar to Thom Yorke in parts. The band compare themselves to Sufjan Stevens and Magnetic Fields, which is quite obvious. Folky and sleepy, soft and dreamy. Every Christmas (You’re Not Quite Her) doesn’t appear to be a Christmas song at all, but a sleepy and folky love ballad. Apparently the vocalist is in love with someone, can’t have them so replaces them with someone similar, and settles with them.

In the video though, the 3 other band members appear randomly, standing motionless staring at the lead singer. Did they kidnap the girl he loves? Did they impale the female with their penis’? Nothing is clear, but the latter are both very possible.

Christmas spirit has to prevail though, so lets assume that the three creepy men are angels and took the female to heaven to make her an angel too, or that they are all undercover oompa loompas and they summoned her to the chocolate factory where she lived happily ever after. However to do so, she had to leave her man behind. And that is why he is said.

The song is soft and sweet. It might be sweeter if you didn’t speak English and you didn’t hear the line You’re Not Quite Her But You’ll Do. It is really conflicting of the music, so if that is what they are going for, it is very effective from a musical point of view. The soft and sweet melody and instrumentation is great. The video is confusing and emotional. It is clear that the vocalist is in pain as he misses his love. We all know that feeling. But seriously, what is with the three creepy dudes?

MERRY CHRISTMAS (or not since it’s January).


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