EP Review: Optic-Drown The Earth

2816216949-1Progressive metal heads, meet Long Island’s Optic, as they’ve crafted a sound sure to stick around. With a range of sounds manufactured to please your ears, Optic and their ambitious debut EP Drown the Earth puts a firm notch in the books for the American Prog Metal scene.

Title track Drown the Earth is a thirteen minute beast that keeps your attention throughout, not always an easy feat for newcomers to master. Heading for the mystical sensibilities from the get go, the piece beautifully layers epic synth and relentless drumming for a spot on intro. As guitars, bass, keyboard, and vocals galore join us in the reverie we are absorbed in this dynamic combination of sounds like those of Dream Theater, BTBAM, and even a spot of melodic death metallers Arch Enemy. Drown the Earth is delightfully purposeful, with each note fitting snugly with the last, without losing a dynamic and interesting edge. For an established group on a major label, this would be a great track. Hearing it on a debut EP? You got our attention, mates.

In gallops Moment of Impact, a high energy six minute piece fit for an epic journey. Heavy synth is wonderfully complimented by high powered drums, soloing guitar, and chugging bass. As an instrumental, it is clear that these guys really put their heart into the music, letting it tell its own story, another very ambitious move from a new band.

Put simply, we can’t wait to get our hands on their new release, set to come out this year. With such an ambitious EP, featuring both a long winded beast and a stellar instrumental, it will be interesting to see what Optic tackles next. This is a band you want to keep an eye on, kids, because they’re going to be around for a while.


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