EP Review: Wooden Horse-You’re In My Heart

303035_272614852760901_261921340_nWooden Horse are really good. This seems like a pretty solid way to start a review. Sometimes when trawling through the material that we are sent here, the tracks have an unfinished quality. While there are a lot of great unsigned artists out there  making great music, it can sometimes feel a little unpolished, or like the bands haven’t reached their full potential for one reason or another. Not Wooden Horse though. Wooden Horse are a completely finished product. Polished and their sound, while simple, is beautiful.

Released in December 2012, the You’re in my Heart EP follows up from their successful full length LP, What Comes Around, that was championed by the likes of Sandi Thom and Joan Armatrading. The four tracks on the record vary in sound while maintaining a country/blues root. The second song, Mean Old Frisco, is particularly interesting. An Americana infused foot-stomper about San Francisco by a duo from the West Midlands is an interesting inspiration for a song, but is done so well that it has quite an authentic feel, with the vocals only having a slight American twang, certainly not enough to detract from the song as a whole.

The titular track, You’re in My Heart, feels like it’s come from a different era. It belongs in a land of barn dances and conjures up an image of rural bliss, speaking of apples and pies. But it’s simple and direct message of love is incredibly effective. Lonesome River is described as ‘blue ribbon bluegrass’ by the band themselves and the gentle soothing melodies and lulling acoustic guitar lend themselves to the lyrical theme beautifully and this track just washes over you as it’s played.

Overall, a great step forward for the two piece, leaving an eager taste in the mouth for the next full length effort! They’re embarking on a small tour at the start of the year, details of which can be found on their website and we wish them the best of luck with it. We here at Sound & Motion know that they’ll go far.


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