Single Review: Justin Timberlake feat Jay-Z-Suit & Tie

jtsuit-tie_custom-436aca238eab7f7dc7f1f14f5a996a8392a4c64d-s6-c10Justin Timberlake is another artist after a comeback. It’s been nearly seven years since FutureSet/LoveSounds, and the former ‘N Sync lead singer seemed to have given up music altogether, save for the odd collaboration and guest appearance. But he’s back, it would seem.

Beginning with a strange noise that resembles a mixture between a tractor horn and a car revving its engine, the track is irritating from the start. Timberlake’s vocals are just too sharp, they’ve got a nice melody to them, but get increasingly difficult to listen to as the song goes on.

Justin Timberlake seems like an artist better used for hooks and short verses, he gets old and loses luster far too quickly. Jay-Z just gets lost in the noise.

Maybe Timberlake should stick to Myspace.


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