EP Review: Raised As Wolves

300Originating from Huddersfield and bringing with them a clean take on the saturated post-hardcore genre, are quintet Raised As Wolves.

Having formed in late 2011 whilst attending Huddersfield University, the band consists of Jezza Bruce (Vocals), James Hill (Guitar and Backing Vocals), Tom Blakemore (Guitar), Rob Hill (Bass) and Paul Davies (Drums). Since their formation Raised As Wolves have self produced their first EP (self titled) which launched them into a UK tour in July 2012 which saw them sharing the stage with the likes of Marmozets, Steak Number Eight, Mr Shiraz, Elvis Jackson and a number of other growing bands.

Their self titled EP contains four massive tracks that each have a different flavour, whilst keeping the integrity of the sound that Raised As Wolves have managed to create. First is Waste Away, which almost immediately hurls itself into a crescendo of rumbling bass lines, steady yet driving drums and vocals with enough grit they could be used to stop roads icing over. The chorus is undeniably catchy and provides the listener with a melody that is easy to slip into.

Next is a track named Ghosts In This Town, and remains one of the standout tracks for us. Singing guitars are combined most promisingly with fast-paced drumming and slightly softer vocals that give this track the edge. The verses amongst the power-house of a chorus can almost be likened to a more staccato alternative sound, which is used to great effect.

Ignite Yourself is without doubt the heaviest track on this EP, and lets us know why Raised As Wolves decided to throw themselves into a genre that is filled with success and failures. The combination of instruments is one that works so well, it is almost surprising to remember this is a first EP.

Chasing Arrows is another favourite and is a suitable track to bring about the end of this EP. Melodic, progressive and no doubt a stonking live performance, this song leaves us with a sense of promise that with a little refinement and experience, Raised As Wolves could be a band to watch for.


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