Single Review: Sophie Delilia-What Did I Do

SD-WDID-SINGLE-ARTWORK-OPT2Parisian Sophie Delila’s latest single, ‘What Did I Do’ showcases the songwriting talent of an artist who has already duetted with Plan B on BBC Radio 1’s LiveLounge, written for the likes of Duffy and has recently toured with Mika. The songwriter has lived in Boston and since moving to South East London, has become well-established in the area. She has various musical inspirations that make her work hard to pin-down, but very unique, such as Dance Floor influences and Pop components.

Her studio near Putney Bridge has been the birthplace of her music most recently, which has captured the hearts and minds of the Press, with the Independent calling Delila ‘A superb artist. ‘What Did I Do’ illustrates the singer/songwriter’s ability to compose a bittersweet, yet uplifting tale of the hardships of love. The production of the track is impeccable from start to finish, reflecting the precision that Sophie wants her work to show. As the track continues, her selection of influences comes into play, forming an emotion-fuelled ballad with just enough driving background-beat to give it an edge.

Fans can expect Sophie Delila’s album ‘My Life Could Use a Remix’ next year; a title that perfectly depicts the definition of her music. ‘What Did I Do’ has everything you’d expect from a heart-breaking ballad; wonderfully striking vocals with an impeccable range right up until the closing note, a melodramatic string section and plenty of raw emotion and lyrical honesty about the difficulties and confusion of relationships. It also brings a memorable hook into play without becoming straight-up throw away Pop.

Sophie Delila headlined the Wilmington Arms in London on the 6th of December, with support from Jack Savoretti, which gave her a chance to showcase all the trinkets of ‘What Did I Do’ and the rest of her work. With her Jazz, Blues, Dance and Pop influences, she is a real artist in an industry of computer-formatted noise.


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