EP Review: Stalked By Scarlet – Russian Roulette

301709_540939059268957_153578234_nLooking through Stalked By Scarlets lists of influences you could easily become confused about what they are aiming to sound like but upon hearing their Russian Roulette EP you realise they combine the best elements of Enter Shikari & Evanescence before heaping in a big dolop of metalcore and making an excellent sounding release.

Title track Russian Roulette throws you head first into the maelstrom with guitarist & vocalist James Carey delivering 30 seconds of brutal screams before Amy Rae provides the clean vocals through the bridge and chorus, thereby giving the track a layer of beauty on top of its brutal guitars and synth breakdowns.

Rae is then propelled into the limelight with the haunting Silver Linings, which is an acoustic number in which she sings the entire track herself lamenting the loneliness of a relationship that has fallen apart. It stands apart from the rest of the release in the respect of that there’s no screams and its devoid of any electronics at all, but it’s a good way of showing that you don’t always have to beat your audience over the head with your influences to get attention, and Rae’s voice can easily stand alone as one of the best in the female vocalists in her genre.

Final track Verbatim has Joel Nilsson of A Silent Escape adding his screams into the mix but its also the weakest on this release, the first two tracks set the bar so high that although Verbatim is a good track it doesn’t reach the height of the other. Nilsson’s vocals seem low fi compared to Carey’s and the overall riff seems a bit throw away but again its a song that has a lot of punch and when deconstructed you hear the piano loop going on throughout and the breakdowns give it a heavyweight punch.

Overall this release is a strong showing from this relatively new band and with the promise of new material from them on the horizon, pushed alongside a strong work ethic I can see this band scaling the height that this scene has to offer.


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