EP Review: Burned At Both Ends-I Traded My Van For Vans

537720_537015382975148_854889543_nRed Bank, New Jersey has cultivated, for our enjoyment, pop punk band Burned At Both Ends; having originally formed in 2011, there were several shifts in the line up, which ultimately ended up with the talents we see here today.

I Traded My Van For Vans is the quintet’s second EP, and entailing three songs that appeal to a wide audience, thanks to the mellow, rhythmic and alluring qualities of guitars plucked softly and catchy verses. Comprising of Giovanni Testa (Vocals), Tom Lakiszak (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Chriss Madd (Guitar/Backing Vocals) and Hugo Munoz (Bass).

The product of creatively overflowing minds, Burned At Both Ends is a band on a mission. Touring the East Coast relentlessly with their debut EP – released in late 2011 – in an attempt to get their music heard by as many new ears as possible, the band now have the beginnings of an arsenal with second EP I Traded My Van For Vans.

The first song is entitled She Only Wants A Brawny Man, and it tells a story of lost love in an appealing way that is reminiscent of indie artists with its frank lyrics and quirky dynamic. Presenting a foot-tapping rhythm and a chorus that brings a smile to the listeners face, this song is no doubt the standout of the EP. It’s a quiet, efficiently produced song that gives a cleverly disguised one finger salute at the same time.

Next is Sophomore Comeback Hero and although it’s clear that Burned At Both Ends have found their niche for this particular EP in smooth, temperate sounds, the diversity of the EP is affected slightly; though the acoustic material that is produced boasts obvious instrumental talent. Whilst each song brings a twist to I Traded My Van For Vans, the overall variation of sound is restricted to within a diminutive window.

Late Night Bedroom Songs is the closing track on this EP, and again we are presented with a beautiful combination of soft vocals, mellow guitars and an endearing melody. True to its word, this track is no doubt one played when relaxing is the key.

With their first EP proving their growing potential, all that is left for Burned At Both Ends to do, is keep up this level of intricacy within each song and let the diversity of their sound develop. With experimentation and confidence, there’s no telling where this band could go.


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