EP Review: Byant At Sunset-Bang Ur Head

76141_307953385973623_319537042_nLadies and gents, we are truly in a time of technology. Exhibit A of this would be Byzant At Sunset, a 3 piece musical distance project if you will. Despite having never met each other (let alone lived on the same continent), Italian saxophonist FL, American guitarist RP, and Transylvanian singer/keyboard player AB have hit the idea of true ground up music creation head on. Their newest EP, Bang Ur Head features 8 original tracks as well as a whopping 12 different mixes of the title track, remixed by other artists.

Avant-garde is putting it lightly, folks. Bang Ur Head is for the musically adventurous, with its eclectic mix of heavy electronics, deep, Serj Tankian-esque vocals, and wild saxophone. As the band has described it themselves, Byzant At Sunset is like the product of the King Crimson and Revolting Cocks’ tour buses colliding. Fans of Mr. Bungle will particularly take to the cacophony of sounds thrown at listeners as randomly as sonically possible.

What do we like about this release? If you have ever looked for anything novel, it’s right in the contents of this EP. The blend of dubstep born bass drops, elevator music, and all things Mike Patton intrigues the senses and demands replay after replay to hear something new each time. Furthermore, Bang Ur Head offers great execution from all of the instrumental counterparts and, despite the initial sense of chaos, it really comes out to be a cohesive work.

What makes us shift uncomfortably about this release? For some listeners, it may be just layering on the avant-garde a bit too thick. While we thought it was particularly interesting, we feel this release won’t appeal to the majority; but to be fair, Nickleback appeals to the majority and who wants to be like them?

Overall, we give this self-described musical “grenade” and their bold EP Bang Ur Head two thumbs up. While their sound may not draw everyone in, they’re sure to still bring about and maintain a loyal following to appreciate their talent and innovation.



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