EP Review: Angry Ballerina

555364_310754972334613_600145231_nHailing from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and influenced by the likes of major artists such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, Angry Ballerina are an up-and-coming alternative rock band seeking to spread the message of personal struggles, discovery and beliefs. A two-man duo, the band have recently released their debut 4-track EP, and what a way to embark upon their journey into the music industry.

The opening track, Alice in Wonderland, is an exciting exploration of the alternative music genre. It’s difficult to believe that such a colossal sound has been created by only two people. The confident lead vocals, provided by Mani Khawaja, couple neatly with the evident talent of the guitarist, Ashar Ali. The lyrics are the most striking part of this track as they explore a theme of self-discovery, making the band unique. The middle eight of the track consists of an exciting guitar solo, in which the talent of these musicians is portrayed clearly.

The second track, Demon Girl, is a slightly darker sounding track in comparison to the first. It contains quirkier riffs and more confident sounds, showing that the duo can prove their skill as the EP goes along. The vocals continue to be strong throughout, with the lyrics exploring an entirely different theme, showing their versatility.

The penultimate track, Run to Dubai, consists of an infectious tune and features Luke Henderson, offering an alternative side to the band not seen before in the previous two tracks. The guitar sound continues to increase in strength, proving that the band have more to offer and making us even more excited whilst contemplating what they could release next. The lengthy guitar solo at the end of this track is the best yet, making their influences of classic rock bands evident. This track perfectly encapsulates the raw talent of these musicians.

The final track, titled Brand New Day, starts off considerably gentler than the previous tracks. The most interesting factor about this track is the incorporation of piano, turning it into a calm love song with evidence of yearning in the lyrics. This track is a perfect way to end a diverse, stimulating and exciting debut EP and we can only live with anticipation about what is to come next.



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