EP Review: Melrose- Let Me Remind You

481769_336566956451548_1336910823_nClaiming to be the freshest and heaviest Pop Punk band to come from Kent, Melrose recorded ‘Let Me Remind You’; their debut EP at Emeline Studios with producer Ian Sadler in August last year. It has been available to download for free since the 13th of November and has already brought them local radio play.

Melrose stick to what they know with opening track ‘Five-Sided Fistigon’ and show great production and some promising musical abilities from start to finish. The track hurtles into full throttle as soon as it begins, and the band show off their signature heavy riffs, gang-style vocals and A Day to Remember-esque breakdowns. Melrose also involve synths in their work but also recognise the current popularity of heavier Pop Punk and are fully embracing it.

 ‘F.Y.I. (Its Do or Die)’ is lyrically-typical of Pop Punk music; ‘For you information, I’m a better man this time’, making use of general relationship woes that many listeners can relate to. It’s clear that Melrose want to hold onto their Pop Punk flair with both hands, but also refuse to restrict their audience by making their lyrics too personal at the early stage of their career in the industry. The blend of vocals and scream vocals that the band can create is something you cannot teach, and luckily something they do very well.

The quartet’s sound can come as emotionally harsh because of its thrashing breakdowns and blaring vocal style, but the use of syth brings a light aspect into the mix, helping Melrose become more distinctive as a band. They have clearly opted to come across as unique without tarnishing their main genre too drastically. ‘Summer Weather’ and ‘Killing Me Won’t Bring Back Ya’ Goddamn Honey!’ both utilise heavy instrumentation and speedy synths; a combination that may seem odd at first glance, but only reflects the hard work the band have put into producing such a hard-hitting debut.

‘Let Me Remind You’ is definitely a positive start and proves that there’s no harm in knowing who you are as a band or artist even at the beginning of your career, if what you compose is well liked that is! Melrose, right up until ‘No Thanks Man, I’m High On Life!’ show their passion for what they do with wonderfully blended, harmonic vocals thrown into the mix with coarse, scream leading vocals.



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