Single Review: Paramore – Now

paramore_nowIn December 2010 when it was announced the Farro brothers were leaving Paramore, it was assumed that this would be the end of the band, but fast forward over 2 years and Paramore are back with this new track Now.

It’s clear in the break that front woman Hayley Williams has done a lot of growing up in the interim and has taken on the solo mission of shaping the bands sound. Gone are the instants poppy hooks that were a feature of the bands previous albums replaced (at least in this track) with a sound you would expect from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs it’s a leap in the bands sound and one that may alienate some of the fan base, but what people should understand is it was probably needed.

It’s still a Paramore sounding track as the chorus stil explodes with energy and is a guaranteed sing along, I myself was singing along by the end of the first play. Williams vocals have improved a lot. I felt in the past she went and hit the top level of her range too early in tracks,leaving it all a bit one dimensional but in Now she builds the vocals up in layers reaching to a climax towards the end of the track but as well her style seems to have reverted to a similar to that of Gwen Stefani where the lyrics are delivered in punched and seem slightly shortened.

Overall, Now is a brilliant track and just the sort of thing to breathe life into this new incarnation of Paramore and I look forward to hearing the self titled album in April.


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