Album Review: Nerd Table – Chasing The Bronco

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Nerd Table. A charming little punk/grunge band from the mystical land of Ohio. Upon listening to their album Chasing The Bronco, we were thrown against the wall by a sound that’s fairly unique and also pays homage to a lot of bands, too many to mention in fact but try to imagine the mutated offspring of The Offspring, Nirvana and even Beastie Boys.

Nerd Table stand strong and give us a very energetic batch of songs that show no sign of slowing down or hinting at any weakness. Something that adds to the fun, a dark twisted sense of fun that is, is that all the songs reference big news stories from the last few years. Just as an example, Bloody Glove is referencing the OJ Simpson murder cases and the track Bloody Tooth refers to the late actor Corey Haim.

The band shows a lot of promise for the future and if they keep doing what they’re doing with the references to news stories then we can expect the band to stir up quite the ruckus. If you’re the kind of person who reads lyrics searching for meaning or over analyses them, then you may be put off or offended. So consider yourself WARNED. Other than that just try to sit back, enjoy the ride and punch a few people or inanimate objects…the recipe for guaranteeing a musically good time (we don’t condone violence by the way).


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