Cinema Preview: Hitchcock

hitchcock_posterOut February 8th.


Based on Stephen Robelle’s book Alfred Hitchcock And The Making Of Psycho, Sacha Gervasi’s Hitchcock centers on the relationship between the acclaimed director and his wife Alma during the production of Psycho, the controversial horror film that went onto become one of the most influential works of his incredible career.

Reeling from a suggestion by a reporter that he should retire, Alfred Hitchcock (Anthony Hopkins), whose just opened his latest film, North By Northwest, to considerable success, seeks to recapture his youth by undertaking the task of adapting the horror novel, Psycho, much to the disgust of many of his colleague, and his wife, Alma (Helen Mirren).

With challenges behind closed doors as well as in the public eye, the film’s production very nearly destroys his marriage, not to mention his reputation.


Many fans of the master of suspense will be unhappy with some of the dark elements of this movie. There was a time that Hitchcock was considered a loveable, Droopy Dog character with a much admired sense of humour, but after his death accusations began to come to light that put him in a much less favourable light.

In Hitchcock the aging director is depicted as a jealous man with a penchant for young blondes, and an obsessive attitude to work. But most of the time the character is capable of love, respect and kindness.


The real question is, will Hitchock fans feel the movie is a fair reflection of the real man, or an overly dramatized affair designed only for the fickle desires of Hollywood.


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