Single/Video Review: Crossfaith – Jagerbomb

558972_350198888364337_236285404_nAs the founders of the Japanese metalcore scene and one of very few successful Japanese rock bands, there’s no denying the originality and imagination of Crossfaith. After the success of their debut album, The Artificial Theory for the Dramatic Beauty, released in April 2009, the band’s profile has escalated rapidly, both nationally and internationally, allowing them to play with major bands such as Pierce the Veil and Asking Alexandria. Now, with a second album already released in 2011, Crossfaith are back with a heavy yet catchy track, Jagerbomb, that’s proving to impress both fans and new listeners and boost the band’s profile even further as they climb further up the music industry.

With the music video being set at a gig, the track begins with a steady, rough drum beat and heavy lead guitar, following on into the awakening of the lead vocals. Once all of the elements have been introduced, it’s time for the addition of the electronic sounds, proving that the band deserve their status and success as they triumphantly include electronic sound in a metal record. As the track progresses, the energy becomes more evident and the music video, containing live footage of the band, displays the passion of the musicians as they put their all into performing. The emotion behind the music is obvious and at no point does this track disappoint the listeners. The raw talent and originality of these musicians is maintained throughout and it can only be hoped that the rest of the material that is to come is as unique, quirky and aggressive as this.



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