Album Review: Amethyst-Aperture For Light

This two-piece from Belgrade, Serbia, have been making music in a variety of different setups and formats, with other musicians, for over 10 years, giving them the scope and span to marry early influences with more contemporary styles. The 80’s synth sounds taken from their earlier inspirational artists, can be heard throughout, whilst 90’s techno and electronic beat sequences play a big part is several of the higher bpm tracks. The pop-ier vocal styles of both members timelessly incorporates all of the different aspects from the last few decades, leaning both towards a more ambient soft chillout vibe, whilst on other tracks holding a grittier heavier potency.
The vocals compliment each other with a mixture of beguiling simplicity and emotive thrust and a syth-heavy momentum that really drives particulary tracks like ‘When Will You Be Around’, ‘Ride’  and ‘The Land of Glittering Light’ that bring a techno injection into the mix of strong guitar riffs and pop vocals. ‘On and on’ offers an ambient electronica feel to compliment the bassier dance tracks.
Haunting and more mytical sounding keyboard in tracks like this one mixed with old school rock and roll riffs, like in ‘Distinction’, gives this collection of tracks a striking clarity, particularly when mixed with both gritty and innocent sounding vocals.
Taking influence from the likes of Peter Gabriel and Dream Theater, this is a diverse, fun and uplifting album, showcasing the mould-breaking potential of the incoporation of different musical styles.

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