Album Review: The Badje – Albatross and other Delicacies

424840_10150697793545639_764070616_nWith a band that describes themselves as psychedelic you’d expect nothing less than what you’re going to hear in The Badjes latest album, Albatross and other delicacies.

The album, made up of tracks from their two previous releases, 2009’s Ride Out and Taste Music With Your Ear Tongue from 2011, is a mix of weird and wonderful numbers that sound a lot like a band that weren’t too sure what genre they wanted to go for so took a mixture of everything. The band claim they take influences from 50’s rock and roll, soul, 60’s pop, film scores and even classical and they wouldn’t be wrong if this album is anything to go by.

Opening Track, Child of Nicotine is possibly one of the better tracks on the album with a very catchy chorus with a great potential sing-along  the sort of track that fits in very well with the music that seems to be slowly making its way into the mainstream sound. It’ll get you dancing around your room in no time with its 60’s feel good beats. Likewise with tracks Shiva and Athena which provide a real uplifting feel with some Beatle-esque elements thrown in there too – although this presence of the Beatles is evident throughout the album, a quintessential choice of influence for a lot of bands nowadays, but if it’s going to work then who are we to say it’s a bad thing.

Although these tracks sound really promising for The Badje, there are a few questionable numbers on Albatross and other delicacies which do make you wonder which direction this band want to go in.

Travel Suite is where it’s clear this psychedelic influence comes into play with a very mind warping harmony and a random fog horn noise half way through the track. A song which wouldn’t have sounded out of place in the free love hippy movement at all, but perhaps for 2013 it may take a little while for this song to make a big impact, but perhaps for a summer festival number, they could be onto something big.

The thing that you don’t get to really appreciate in the album is the voice of the bands front man so it’s refreshing and somewhat calming after previous tracks when the album slows down in Love is Electric which shows us much more promising talent that they have to offer vocally.

Although a very confusing and muddled album in places, there are insights into what this band truly have to offer if they maybe sort out which direction they want to go into as a band as whatever they go for, they’re sure to do well.


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