Bring Me The Horizon – Shadow Moses

artworks-000037921130-vzspxv-originalLets be honest it used to be easy to hate on Bring Me The Horizon but then something changed. They gained a whole new fanbase with their fantastic last album There Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It and our first taste of new album Sempiternal in the form of single Shadow Moses Show that the new, more mature BMTH are here to stay,

Opening up with gang vocals which feature the band reaffirming their passion for their career choice, the track hurtles into the sort of thing we expect from BMTH, with Oli Sykes screaming at a frantic pace over a crushing guitar riff. But there is now something else added to BMTH’s arsenal; melody. It’s not been a big feature of their past releases but they seem to have learnt from fellow Sheffield band While She Sleeps that hardcore can be tenfold as deadly with it and when you have heard middle management sing the chorus around your office you know Shadow Moses has a memorable and epic chorus.

Overall, it’s again a brilliant track that features something to please fans new and old alike, we suggest you give it a listen and the band another try as they have come a long way since their sloppy metalcore debut.


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