Live Preview: Ragweed/ Ham Legion/ Cells/ Rock Paper Panda @ Cowley Club, Brighton Feb 1st

19319_10151232937388262_452302286_nRagweed kick off their tour at Brighton’s Cowley Club with Ham legion, Cells and Rock Paper Panda.

With influence from The Distillers, Nirvana, Slipknot, Butt Hole Surfers and the Pixies, Ragweed, a heavy, surf-punk trio from Brighton are known as a fantastic live band, with powerhouse drums, insanely loud guitar and scuzz bass. Their varied influences create a sound that’s quite surprising, a hybrid of raw metal and punk infused grunge.

Ham Legion’s sound, influenced by Pink Floyd, Burning Witch, They Might Be Giants, Lemonheads and Charlotte Hatherley, is a real progressive sound, one punctuated by sharp guitar, psychedelic breakdowns and an outburst of cold, hard prog rock. With plenty of male and female harmonies thrown in Ham Legion are a treat for the eyes and for the ears

Cells are an edgy and modern alt/electronica, indie duo from Brighton that blend and absorb the unexpected into their hard to imagine sound, with distorted and glitched drum patterns, jangling indie guitars, booming synth bass and atmospheric vocals.

Rock Paper Panda, owners of the world’s greatest band name, are a four piece from Brighton.


Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 09.54.04


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