The aim of this magazine is to showcase some of the greatest unsigned artists that exist around the world, the talent that continues to shine yet remains unappreciated. We do do feature major artists and film too, but grassroots artists are our real passion.


Andrew Nicholls


Joe Walsh


Sam Geals


Alex Fraser, Marianne Calnan, Pete Greenwood, Tom Noyes, Lin Henderson, Lorelle Tilbury, Tori Olson, Will Holmes, Desiree Brown, Georgie White, Dan Clampin, Joe Hesketh, Vic Payne, Ryan Williams, Mark Ashby, Hannah Aston, Naomi Wood, Stevie-Leigh Blackburn, Ryan Howe, Adam Streames, Robert Davis McLellan.

If you want to get featured in an upcoming podcast just send an email with an attached track and some information on it and yourself/your band to soundandmotion@live.co.uk

If you’d like us to review your single, EP or album please email soundandmotionreviews@live.com

All genres are allowed, and we’ll accept music from anywhere in the world.

If you’d like to get involved in other ways ie you’re advertising an event, or just letting the world know about some great bands, don’t hesitate to drop us an email via the same address.


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