Bring Me The Horizon – Shadow Moses

artworks-000037921130-vzspxv-originalLets be honest it used to be easy to hate on Bring Me The Horizon but then something changed. They gained a whole new fanbase with their fantastic last album There Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It and our first taste of new album Sempiternal in the form of single Shadow Moses Show that the new, more mature BMTH are here to stay,

Opening up with gang vocals which feature the band reaffirming their passion for their career choice, the track hurtles into the sort of thing we expect from BMTH, with Oli Sykes screaming at a frantic pace over a crushing guitar riff. But there is now something else added to BMTH’s arsenal; melody. It’s not been a big feature of their past releases but they seem to have learnt from fellow Sheffield band While She Sleeps that hardcore can be tenfold as deadly with it and when you have heard middle management sing the chorus around your office you know Shadow Moses has a memorable and epic chorus.

Overall, it’s again a brilliant track that features something to please fans new and old alike, we suggest you give it a listen and the band another try as they have come a long way since their sloppy metalcore debut.


Single/Video Review: Crossfaith – Jagerbomb

558972_350198888364337_236285404_nAs the founders of the Japanese metalcore scene and one of very few successful Japanese rock bands, there’s no denying the originality and imagination of Crossfaith. After the success of their debut album, The Artificial Theory for the Dramatic Beauty, released in April 2009, the band’s profile has escalated rapidly, both nationally and internationally, allowing them to play with major bands such as Pierce the Veil and Asking Alexandria. Now, with a second album already released in 2011, Crossfaith are back with a heavy yet catchy track, Jagerbomb, that’s proving to impress both fans and new listeners and boost the band’s profile even further as they climb further up the music industry.

With the music video being set at a gig, the track begins with a steady, rough drum beat and heavy lead guitar, following on into the awakening of the lead vocals. Once all of the elements have been introduced, it’s time for the addition of the electronic sounds, proving that the band deserve their status and success as they triumphantly include electronic sound in a metal record. As the track progresses, the energy becomes more evident and the music video, containing live footage of the band, displays the passion of the musicians as they put their all into performing. The emotion behind the music is obvious and at no point does this track disappoint the listeners. The raw talent and originality of these musicians is maintained throughout and it can only be hoped that the rest of the material that is to come is as unique, quirky and aggressive as this.


Single Review: Paramore – Now

paramore_nowIn December 2010 when it was announced the Farro brothers were leaving Paramore, it was assumed that this would be the end of the band, but fast forward over 2 years and Paramore are back with this new track Now.

It’s clear in the break that front woman Hayley Williams has done a lot of growing up in the interim and has taken on the solo mission of shaping the bands sound. Gone are the instants poppy hooks that were a feature of the bands previous albums replaced (at least in this track) with a sound you would expect from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs it’s a leap in the bands sound and one that may alienate some of the fan base, but what people should understand is it was probably needed.

It’s still a Paramore sounding track as the chorus stil explodes with energy and is a guaranteed sing along, I myself was singing along by the end of the first play. Williams vocals have improved a lot. I felt in the past she went and hit the top level of her range too early in tracks,leaving it all a bit one dimensional but in Now she builds the vocals up in layers reaching to a climax towards the end of the track but as well her style seems to have reverted to a similar to that of Gwen Stefani where the lyrics are delivered in punched and seem slightly shortened.

Overall, Now is a brilliant track and just the sort of thing to breathe life into this new incarnation of Paramore and I look forward to hearing the self titled album in April.

Single Review: Sophie Delilia-What Did I Do

SD-WDID-SINGLE-ARTWORK-OPT2Parisian Sophie Delila’s latest single, ‘What Did I Do’ showcases the songwriting talent of an artist who has already duetted with Plan B on BBC Radio 1’s LiveLounge, written for the likes of Duffy and has recently toured with Mika. The songwriter has lived in Boston and since moving to South East London, has become well-established in the area. She has various musical inspirations that make her work hard to pin-down, but very unique, such as Dance Floor influences and Pop components.

Her studio near Putney Bridge has been the birthplace of her music most recently, which has captured the hearts and minds of the Press, with the Independent calling Delila ‘A superb artist. ‘What Did I Do’ illustrates the singer/songwriter’s ability to compose a bittersweet, yet uplifting tale of the hardships of love. The production of the track is impeccable from start to finish, reflecting the precision that Sophie wants her work to show. As the track continues, her selection of influences comes into play, forming an emotion-fuelled ballad with just enough driving background-beat to give it an edge.

Fans can expect Sophie Delila’s album ‘My Life Could Use a Remix’ next year; a title that perfectly depicts the definition of her music. ‘What Did I Do’ has everything you’d expect from a heart-breaking ballad; wonderfully striking vocals with an impeccable range right up until the closing note, a melodramatic string section and plenty of raw emotion and lyrical honesty about the difficulties and confusion of relationships. It also brings a memorable hook into play without becoming straight-up throw away Pop.

Sophie Delila headlined the Wilmington Arms in London on the 6th of December, with support from Jack Savoretti, which gave her a chance to showcase all the trinkets of ‘What Did I Do’ and the rest of her work. With her Jazz, Blues, Dance and Pop influences, she is a real artist in an industry of computer-formatted noise.

Single Review: 50 Cent feat Eminem & Adam Levine-My Life

50_cent_my_life_feat_eminem__adam_levine_single_cover_jpg50 Cent has been more dime than half dollar of late. With delayed albums, record label feuds and a string of singles with mediocre chart performance, nine times shot fiddy has seemed incapable of another hit, until now.

 Featuring Eminem and Maroon 5 frontman/murder victim in American Horror Story Adam Levine, the track sees 50 Cent get a little reflective about his career, promising fans he’s gonna pull a Slim Shady and drag himself back t the top: “This is my recovery/my comeback in”.

Adam Levine’s hook is a good one, it adds atmosphere to the song, but his high vocals seem to grate on the masculinity of Jackson and Mathers, something that becomes less apparent as time goes on.

Eminem is as great as always. Rapping in the spotlight of a helicopter his fast flow and savage rhymes make the song his, and tempts the listener into sticking Recovery back on.

50 Cent has never been a favourite of ours, but this song is alright. Perhaps not a hit, but definitely a rung on the ladder back to the top.

Single Review: Justin Timberlake feat Jay-Z-Suit & Tie

jtsuit-tie_custom-436aca238eab7f7dc7f1f14f5a996a8392a4c64d-s6-c10Justin Timberlake is another artist after a comeback. It’s been nearly seven years since FutureSet/LoveSounds, and the former ‘N Sync lead singer seemed to have given up music altogether, save for the odd collaboration and guest appearance. But he’s back, it would seem.

Beginning with a strange noise that resembles a mixture between a tractor horn and a car revving its engine, the track is irritating from the start. Timberlake’s vocals are just too sharp, they’ve got a nice melody to them, but get increasingly difficult to listen to as the song goes on.

Justin Timberlake seems like an artist better used for hooks and short verses, he gets old and loses luster far too quickly. Jay-Z just gets lost in the noise.

Maybe Timberlake should stick to Myspace.

Single Review – Hey Vanity – Colours and Signs

hey vanity 2The band say little about themselves on their facebook page, and say nothing of their influences. They don’t really need to. The transition for two of the members from recently disbanded Fei Comodo has been a swift, smooth and successful one. As a band rising from the ashes of one that has managed to secure a large and loyal fan base over the years and gather the experience that they have, Hey Vanity has been a well oiled machine from day one.

Their new single ‘Colours and Signs’ is a far cry from anything Fei related, apart from the fact that singer Marc Halls’ unique and powerful voice sticks out like a sore thumb. This obviously cannot be helped, and it’s not a bad thing. As a lyricist the man seems to know no bounds and does the ever growing group of overtly English vocalists proud. What we like about this single is that they’re keeping it simple and showing off their musical ability without overdoing it in a “look at me! look at me!” way. It’s very catchy and radio friendly. It has energy. It’s filled with beautiful, satisfying melodies. It’s mixed well. It’s produced well. We like it. You will probably probably like it. You should like it.

They have the potential to make an impressive impact, but they’re still fresh on the scene so we’ll have to wait and see what becomes of Hey Vanity. One can straight away assume that the live performance of this band must be noteworthy and with them recently securing a support slot for the almighty Don Broco on their upcoming February/March tour, they show no sign of slacking.

Single Review: Yossarian Lives- Every Christmas (You’re Not Quite Her)

487092_479902535382054_1823883080_nBeginning with a beautiful girl and a beautiful piano riff, this appears to be quite a sombre Christmas ballad. However as you watch this video, the confusion takes over as Yossarian Lives manage to be ridiculously creepy.

The lyrics of the song are apparently a mashup of Irish folk songs, as the band is in fact Irish. Not everyone knows Irish folk songs unfortunately, so this review is conducted by one totally oblivious Australian.

The video is weird. The song is weird. The lead singer is very softly sung and appears quite similar to Thom Yorke in parts. The band compare themselves to Sufjan Stevens and Magnetic Fields, which is quite obvious. Folky and sleepy, soft and dreamy. Every Christmas (You’re Not Quite Her) doesn’t appear to be a Christmas song at all, but a sleepy and folky love ballad. Apparently the vocalist is in love with someone, can’t have them so replaces them with someone similar, and settles with them.

In the video though, the 3 other band members appear randomly, standing motionless staring at the lead singer. Did they kidnap the girl he loves? Did they impale the female with their penis’? Nothing is clear, but the latter are both very possible.

Christmas spirit has to prevail though, so lets assume that the three creepy men are angels and took the female to heaven to make her an angel too, or that they are all undercover oompa loompas and they summoned her to the chocolate factory where she lived happily ever after. However to do so, she had to leave her man behind. And that is why he is said.

The song is soft and sweet. It might be sweeter if you didn’t speak English and you didn’t hear the line You’re Not Quite Her But You’ll Do. It is really conflicting of the music, so if that is what they are going for, it is very effective from a musical point of view. The soft and sweet melody and instrumentation is great. The video is confusing and emotional. It is clear that the vocalist is in pain as he misses his love. We all know that feeling. But seriously, what is with the three creepy dudes?

MERRY CHRISTMAS (or not since it’s January).

Single Review: Sandi Thom-Love You Like A Lunatic

74970_10151384075743933_607378358_nAfter we posted our review of Sandi Thom’s new album Flesh and Blood, a comment storm erupted on the thread as Sandi herself commented, and dyslexic/just plain idiotic blues fans decided to make accusations that the review was fake and manufactured. Let’s clear something up. Sandi Thom is talented, and the 20 year old reviewer enjoyed the song, therefore the review was positive, so shut the fuck up.


Love You Like A Lunatic is the third single from Sandi Thom’s new album, Flesh And Blood, and is a slow love ballad. It was written with the intent to be a love ballad. Sandi says that everyone can relate to it, because everyone loves the insane and crazy feeling.

This song bleeds. It bleeds love. And it also bleeds lame. Yes, love is pretty rad, but so are computer games, so are a pair of new shoes, and so is the thought of 1 million fans #cutting4bieber. That is a bit far. Love is one of the finer things in life. Not everyone gets to feel it. Many people don’t deserve it. But when you think of love songs, this is something you would think of. It’s the song that you would expect from Sandi. It is still pretty awesome, because she is so damn talented. But it is nothing like the others from the record. There is a little known secret that you don’t release your best songs as singles. Put out the average ones so people are kinda impressed and buy it, then their mind is blown when they listen to the full record. I hope this is the case.

Love You Like  A Lunatic uses all those talented musicians in her arsenal of an ensemble, such as two of the Black Crowes, and having a husband as epic as Joe Bonamassa (Never mentioned to actually have played on the album though. Like they say… Don’t screw the crew! You will end up like Chris Brown and Rihanna……) you are sure it will be masterfully crafted by the most powerful music gods. There is plenty of piano. There is plenty of soft acoustic guitar. There is plenty of swooning and crooning vocals. The drums are gentle. Words like angel, dear, promise, heart, inside, life, together, and other pretty standard love ballad words are scattered amongst the bombardment of the L word.

While it is corny and lame, there is a goofy side to it. The fact that Sandi uses the metaphor Love You Like A Lunatic instead of something like Love You Like A Rose or something generically boring and bullshit (that’s what chicks say isn’t it?) means that there is a fun side to it. She also mentions her ass. More so the fact that she is a pain in the ass, but if this was a song by a male, the title could be more something along the lines of Love You Like A Perfectly Rounded Set of Buttocks, as we as males are so damn stereotypical ourselves. So don’t be hard on Sandi for the fact she was stereotypically lame. It was from the heart, and unfortunately, the female heart is lame when it comes to love. Whereas males… males just love ass. Sing more about your ass Sandi!

Single Review: DogGone – Romance

395590557-1London quintet DogGone has been together only since July of 2012 but they already have a more cohesive sound than the majority of the bands who have been together for years. Their mini-EP The Marks Humans Leave Are Too Often Scars features two tracks that almost make you feel like you are listening to an early EP from a budding rock band in the 70’s. Their sound reflects influences like David Bowie, Pixies and The Smiths with a hint of Nirvana and a dash of Jeff Buckley.

DogGone serenades us with their first single Romance, a song that becomes the perfect melding of dreamy and dreary with the right amount of punch as the lyrics follow the emotional journey of one man’s heartbreak. The roaring guitars chug in dirty and heavy as vocalist Josh Esaw drawls the lyrics in a soothing croon. The only real problem  with this song is that the band may have pulled a little too much from their musical influences as far as sound. After the first listen, you can identify at least 3 different rock bands past that directly influenced this specific song.  They either need to get better at masking the sound they were influenced by or learn to add their own modern twist to a reminiscent sound.

The Marks Humans Leave Are Too Often Scars is now available via DogGone’s bandcamp page. For more information on the band head over to their facebook page and give them a “like”.