Video Review: The Self Help Group-Needles

5087_95610823619_7165425_nWith a single as dramatic and layered as The Self Help Group’s track Needles, it is only natural that the accompanying video carries the same weight. Interesting and beautiful, this video finally delivers something different in the music video genre. It is as pleasing to the eyes as the track is pleasing to the ears and fans of The Self Help Group (aka, you after watching this) will not be disappointed.

The single comes off of their debut album Not Waving, but Drowning, now available for your listening pleasure from iTunes, Amazon, and other fine digital media retailers.

But hey, why read about it when you can check it out for yourself right here?


Video Review: The Chapman Family– ADULT

408651_10151404332037139_736722451_nDescribed by NME magazine as “Angsty, cliché-free brilliance’, The Chapman Family have already experienced various line-up changes and industry-related restraints, but have ploughed on to return with a tour that begins a week today. A 5-piece family band formed in 2006, and joined by their sheer passion for music, the band are currently focusing on developing their work to a more mature level.

Opening with a strong Indie vibe, The Chapman Family’s official video for their new single ‘ADULT’ is almost eerie with thick, red smoke until vocalist Kingsley appears. Clearly the group know the market they’re targeting due their fearless, smart dress sense, mirroring bands like The Hives. However, Kingsley’s acting skills do leave a lot to be desired, but certainly do not take away from the strong musical abilities shown.

The soaring, yet subtle guitaring opens the way for The Cure style, semi-spoken vocals and primal drumming. In general, the vocal charm does exactly what it says on the tin and provides listeners with a track nothing short of angsty, broody and frustrated, particularly as it builds to a blinding climax. The Chapman Family appear proud of what they do, and do it well. Their music is slow-burning, sluggish but energetic. In the same way, the post-punk music video itself develops from a figure in front of a red backdrop to a creepy, early Panic At The Disco! Style use of make-up.

Despite their mature flair, the lyrics of ADULT come across as adolescent in their generalisation of emotion, “You can use me anyway you want to, but I will make mistakes all the time. I want to be alone, I need to be alone.” However, they are relatable, and the instrumental aspects of the track are on par with some of the biggest bands in Indie and Alternative music. ‘ADULT’ can be downloaded for free right now!

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Video Review: Dog in the Snow – Concrete Walls

164163_138538332871475_4896450_nIf there’s anything we can’t deny here at Sound and Motion, it’s that Britain is home to far too many unsigned acts that have yet to get the recognition they deserve and Dog in the Snow are a prime example of this.

Hailing from Brighton, the band consists of the beautiful vocals of Helen Ganya Brown with the equally talented support from Marie-Eve de Gaultier. Both these girls’ possess not only a voice which could put any chart-topping auto tuned star to shame, but they have the ability to write lyrics which are both empowering and uplifting.

Latest track, Concrete Wall allows you to get completely and utterly lost in the melody. Although the track never really seems to kick in like you might hope, the video will have you hooked with its almost eerie ghost-like image of Helen on screen with various shots of these white concrete walls and images reflecting this idea of confinement throughout. Very fitting with the songs title portraying this sense of being very much claustrophobic, the same effect the video will have on you as the flashing images and angelic vocals keep your eyes and ears hooked, not to mention you’ll end up humming the beat of this song for the rest of the day.

For something a bit more relaxing and easy going then Dog in the Snow are the ones to check out, with their therapeutic vocals and enchanting videos, definitely home-grown talent to watch out for.

Single/Video Review: Crossfaith – Jagerbomb

558972_350198888364337_236285404_nAs the founders of the Japanese metalcore scene and one of very few successful Japanese rock bands, there’s no denying the originality and imagination of Crossfaith. After the success of their debut album, The Artificial Theory for the Dramatic Beauty, released in April 2009, the band’s profile has escalated rapidly, both nationally and internationally, allowing them to play with major bands such as Pierce the Veil and Asking Alexandria. Now, with a second album already released in 2011, Crossfaith are back with a heavy yet catchy track, Jagerbomb, that’s proving to impress both fans and new listeners and boost the band’s profile even further as they climb further up the music industry.

With the music video being set at a gig, the track begins with a steady, rough drum beat and heavy lead guitar, following on into the awakening of the lead vocals. Once all of the elements have been introduced, it’s time for the addition of the electronic sounds, proving that the band deserve their status and success as they triumphantly include electronic sound in a metal record. As the track progresses, the energy becomes more evident and the music video, containing live footage of the band, displays the passion of the musicians as they put their all into performing. The emotion behind the music is obvious and at no point does this track disappoint the listeners. The raw talent and originality of these musicians is maintained throughout and it can only be hoped that the rest of the material that is to come is as unique, quirky and aggressive as this.


News: City Of Ashes Unveil New Music Video

Eastbourne post-hardcore kings City Of Ashes have at last released the gritty and edgy video for their track falling star, taken off their brand spanking new EP.

Unveiled last week There Was A Hand In The Darkness is the long-awaited follow-up to 2010’s When Black Fuels Blood and their first effort as a four piece with new guitarist, James MacDonald.

Video Review: Fear of Men-Mosaic

375981_272138932834469_1618864368_nHailed as one of Brighton’s best new bands, Fear of Men debuted their music video for Mosaic back in November. The video for Mosaic marks the first song released off their 7”  release Mosaic.

Shot in a “freezing cold church”, the video opens with a stunning shot of dust drifting down over an abandoned desk and chair, with a reading from Psalms (in the Bible) resonating over the opening notes of the song, From there, the video drifts through a meandering set of artistic shots and having little or nothing to do with the actual song. The band members don’t perform but stand and sit throughout the church as the song flows over random shots. However, if you are looking for some cinematography eye candy, then you are watching the right video. The shots, although random, are perfectly executed from composition to content, to the perfectly executed black and white, old film vibe.

You can’t help but feel like you just want more from this band visually with this video, especially with such a moving and ethereal song. Judging from the general aesthetic of their album covers, band photos, etc, they clearly have a very defined look but it just didn’t translate well to their music video. Deeply rooted in Catholic imagery, the church and angels featured in the video fell in line with their general look but it failed to evoke the same air of mystery and cohesiveness as the rest of their aesthetic.

Mosaic is now available on the band’s bandcamp page. Fear of Men will also be releasing their debut EP Early Fragments in early 2013. Keep up to date with all Fear of Men goings-on at their facebook page and check out the Mosaic music video for yourself below.

Single Review: London Commands You-Truth

Promising ‘music with a message’, London Commands You are a new era protest-driven band inspired by the likes of Editors, The Killers and Joy Division with a strong, wonderfully Indie sound. Founded just ten months ago, the Brighton-born quintet debuted their very first single On Her Own Again in July and just yesterday, Truth made it into Amazon’s Top 100 Indie chart and Rock chart, two places above The Rolling Stones. London Commands You plan to be back on the road in January and release their next single, Blue Star over the Christmas period.

The protest fuelled music video for Truth, with intense red lighting and selection of epic political commentary and public fighting imagery has generated well over 1,000 views and is beautifully precise with regards to editing in line with the melody of the track. Truth is composed of rhymes that fit together as simply as those found in a children’s’ nursery rhyme; The children play, in the sun, sun, sun, in the games we play, see the children talk, as they slip away, but you want to know truth?, which is an odd concept given the nature of the song’s message.

London Commands You have clearly worked hard to create something that reaches out to listeners interested in politics and the overall state of the world today, but they do not make it clear what their specific message is from their music video. In fact, they appear to have negative opinions towards those involved in politics, large corporations and the military as a whole Everyday, he loves to hate, and lives a lie….  It is also clear that the music video has been cheaply shot which takes away from how well-produced the track is.

Truth itself is remarkably upbeat for a song depicting a world crying out for democratic revolution and is made up of all the elements that make an Indie track great. The guitar-driven melody wouldn’t go a miss in a Vaccines song and the repetitive melody and plodding drums seem to be pounding the lyrics into listeners.

Despite how cyclic the track is and how D.I.Y. the music video appears, London Commands You do have potential to expand their fanbase by making their overall message clear and proving their live show worth to as many people as possible, because their sound is rare, commercial and ironically upbeat.