Live Preview: Your Demise/ Heights/ Counterparts/ Fact @ The Haunt, Brighton Feb 7

579206_10151239305259036_738368836_nWith support from Heights, Counterparts and Fact, Brighton heroes Your Demise bring the heat to The Haunt.

 With their new EP, Cold Chillin’, out on gig day, Your Demise are returning to their hometown. Since releasing their 2009 album, Ignorance Never Dies, the band have shared stages and tours with Biohazard, Comeback Kid, Bury Your Dead, Enter Shikari and A Day To Remember, a privilege that has seen their live performances grown on a massive level. Their last album, 2012’s The Golden Age, featured a large number of guest appearances, with Josh Franceschic (You Me At Six), Louis Gauthier (Breaking Point), David Wood (Down To Nothing) and Ajay Jones (Brutality Will Prevail) all bringing their mark to the record.

 Influenced by a variety of styles and bands like Devil Sold His Soul, Architects, Gallows, Comeback Kid and Underoath, Heights received critical acclaim for their 2011 debut album, Dead Ends, and have since toured and shared stages with their heroes and Attack Attack!

Ontario hardcore/metal four piece Counterparts have come a very long way since they first emerged as a band. With two albums, a split EP with Exalt and extensive touring, they continually receive praise from music critics worldwide, with admiration for their relentless energy and technical ability forever being mentioned.


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Live Preview: Active Rain/ Roam/ The Harkes/ Kodafair @ Busker’s Bar, Eastbourne Feb 5th

207764_186917244783464_1552991111_nActive Rain play their first ever show at Eastbourne’s Busker’s Bar this February 5th, with fellow hometown champs Roam, The Harkes and Kodafair.

Influenced by bands like Greenday, You Me At Six, Foo Fighters, Avenged Sevenfold and Sleeping With Sirens, Active Rain are a newly formed alternative rock five piece. They will be releasing their debut EP, Shout What You Are, on the night.

Formerly wrapped in a pop punk package as Trade Secret, Roam are a melodic punk quintet.

Arguably one of Eastbourne’s finest band The Harkes are a Springsteen, Strummer and Fallon influenced rock four piece that shock the crowd whenever they play. Fronted by the gravel-voiced Stu Reynolds, the band’s dark lyrics and pumped up sound can be likened to Alkaline Trio and Rise Against.

Kodafair are a four piece alt rock band.


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Bring Me The Horizon – Shadow Moses

artworks-000037921130-vzspxv-originalLets be honest it used to be easy to hate on Bring Me The Horizon but then something changed. They gained a whole new fanbase with their fantastic last album There Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It and our first taste of new album Sempiternal in the form of single Shadow Moses Show that the new, more mature BMTH are here to stay,

Opening up with gang vocals which feature the band reaffirming their passion for their career choice, the track hurtles into the sort of thing we expect from BMTH, with Oli Sykes screaming at a frantic pace over a crushing guitar riff. But there is now something else added to BMTH’s arsenal; melody. It’s not been a big feature of their past releases but they seem to have learnt from fellow Sheffield band While She Sleeps that hardcore can be tenfold as deadly with it and when you have heard middle management sing the chorus around your office you know Shadow Moses has a memorable and epic chorus.

Overall, it’s again a brilliant track that features something to please fans new and old alike, we suggest you give it a listen and the band another try as they have come a long way since their sloppy metalcore debut.

Live Preview: Chaos Theory/ Arcadian Anthem/ Killing Season @ Flairz Retro Bar, Hastings Feb 1st

1218_461518293907441_2025978297_nWith a night set up in aid of Crossroads Care, a centre for the elderly, Chaos Theory, Arcadian Anthem and Killing Season are teaming up for a showcase of some remarkable local talent at Hasting’s Flairz Retro Bar.

Three piece progressive thrash trio Chaos Theory state heavyweights like Pantera, Dream Theatre, Van Halen and While She Sleeps as their influences.

Featured in the Sound And Motion Podcast a while back, hard rock three piece Arcadian Anthem bring a politically charged vibe to their pumped up live performances, with a hardcore sound influenced by Enter Shikari and Biffy Clyro.

Influenced by Lamb Of God, Nevermore, Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse, death/thrash/groove metal four piece Killing Season have a shred loud and shred fast sound that sees their hard and bad feel wow crowds whenever they plug in.


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Cinema Preview: I Give It A Year

i-give-it-a-year-poster02Out February 8th.


From the mind of Sacha Baron Cohen collaborator Dan Mazer comes new comedy rom-com, I Give It A Year.

Since meeting at a party, ambitious high-flyer Nat (Rose Byrne) and struggling writer Josh (Rafe Spall) have been hopelessly happy, despite their obvious differences. Joe likes to think things over, Nat likes to get up and go. Despite that their spark is undeniable, and their wedding is a dream come true.

But there are some, some being their friends, family and even the minister that married them, that think they won’t last, and they both have attractive other options in the form of Josh’s ex, Chloe (Anna Faris), and Nat’s handsome client, Guy (Simon Baker). Soon, the question becomes not can their marriage stand the test of time, but who will decide they want out first.


Starring Stephen Merchant as the stereotypical but hilarious (for the viewers) best man, Peep Show’s Olivia Colman as a pessimistic marriage counselor and Minnie Driver, I Give It A Year is a film that, on the surface, seems perfectly dismissible, but, when you take the time to check, actually looks absolutely hilarious.


We think we’d give it a ten.

Album Review: Amethyst-Aperture For Light

This two-piece from Belgrade, Serbia, have been making music in a variety of different setups and formats, with other musicians, for over 10 years, giving them the scope and span to marry early influences with more contemporary styles. The 80’s synth sounds taken from their earlier inspirational artists, can be heard throughout, whilst 90’s techno and electronic beat sequences play a big part is several of the higher bpm tracks. The pop-ier vocal styles of both members timelessly incorporates all of the different aspects from the last few decades, leaning both towards a more ambient soft chillout vibe, whilst on other tracks holding a grittier heavier potency.
The vocals compliment each other with a mixture of beguiling simplicity and emotive thrust and a syth-heavy momentum that really drives particulary tracks like ‘When Will You Be Around’, ‘Ride’  and ‘The Land of Glittering Light’ that bring a techno injection into the mix of strong guitar riffs and pop vocals. ‘On and on’ offers an ambient electronica feel to compliment the bassier dance tracks.
Haunting and more mytical sounding keyboard in tracks like this one mixed with old school rock and roll riffs, like in ‘Distinction’, gives this collection of tracks a striking clarity, particularly when mixed with both gritty and innocent sounding vocals.
Taking influence from the likes of Peter Gabriel and Dream Theater, this is a diverse, fun and uplifting album, showcasing the mould-breaking potential of the incoporation of different musical styles.

Album Review: The Badje – Albatross and other Delicacies

424840_10150697793545639_764070616_nWith a band that describes themselves as psychedelic you’d expect nothing less than what you’re going to hear in The Badjes latest album, Albatross and other delicacies.

The album, made up of tracks from their two previous releases, 2009’s Ride Out and Taste Music With Your Ear Tongue from 2011, is a mix of weird and wonderful numbers that sound a lot like a band that weren’t too sure what genre they wanted to go for so took a mixture of everything. The band claim they take influences from 50’s rock and roll, soul, 60’s pop, film scores and even classical and they wouldn’t be wrong if this album is anything to go by.

Opening Track, Child of Nicotine is possibly one of the better tracks on the album with a very catchy chorus with a great potential sing-along  the sort of track that fits in very well with the music that seems to be slowly making its way into the mainstream sound. It’ll get you dancing around your room in no time with its 60’s feel good beats. Likewise with tracks Shiva and Athena which provide a real uplifting feel with some Beatle-esque elements thrown in there too – although this presence of the Beatles is evident throughout the album, a quintessential choice of influence for a lot of bands nowadays, but if it’s going to work then who are we to say it’s a bad thing.

Although these tracks sound really promising for The Badje, there are a few questionable numbers on Albatross and other delicacies which do make you wonder which direction this band want to go in.

Travel Suite is where it’s clear this psychedelic influence comes into play with a very mind warping harmony and a random fog horn noise half way through the track. A song which wouldn’t have sounded out of place in the free love hippy movement at all, but perhaps for 2013 it may take a little while for this song to make a big impact, but perhaps for a summer festival number, they could be onto something big.

The thing that you don’t get to really appreciate in the album is the voice of the bands front man so it’s refreshing and somewhat calming after previous tracks when the album slows down in Love is Electric which shows us much more promising talent that they have to offer vocally.

Although a very confusing and muddled album in places, there are insights into what this band truly have to offer if they maybe sort out which direction they want to go into as a band as whatever they go for, they’re sure to do well.

Video Review: Dog in the Snow – Concrete Walls

164163_138538332871475_4896450_nIf there’s anything we can’t deny here at Sound and Motion, it’s that Britain is home to far too many unsigned acts that have yet to get the recognition they deserve and Dog in the Snow are a prime example of this.

Hailing from Brighton, the band consists of the beautiful vocals of Helen Ganya Brown with the equally talented support from Marie-Eve de Gaultier. Both these girls’ possess not only a voice which could put any chart-topping auto tuned star to shame, but they have the ability to write lyrics which are both empowering and uplifting.

Latest track, Concrete Wall allows you to get completely and utterly lost in the melody. Although the track never really seems to kick in like you might hope, the video will have you hooked with its almost eerie ghost-like image of Helen on screen with various shots of these white concrete walls and images reflecting this idea of confinement throughout. Very fitting with the songs title portraying this sense of being very much claustrophobic, the same effect the video will have on you as the flashing images and angelic vocals keep your eyes and ears hooked, not to mention you’ll end up humming the beat of this song for the rest of the day.

For something a bit more relaxing and easy going then Dog in the Snow are the ones to check out, with their therapeutic vocals and enchanting videos, definitely home-grown talent to watch out for.

Interview: Do Miss America

We had a little chat with Do Miss America, a previous star of one of our podcasts, about their sound, influences and  history.


Who are you?

Cieran Miller, lead vocals/rhythm guitar of Do Miss America.

Why the name?

The name comes from a Ryan Adams track of the same title. It’s got a bit of a ring to it.

What’s your sound?

Americana Rock n Roll.

Who could you be compared to?

All sorts. I’d say Tom Petty meets Crowded House.

So, being a band that crosses into the American and blues genres you’re a bit of a small fish in a big sea of rock and metal bands. How have you been received by the crowds around your area?

Really well actually. I think we fill a hole locally with us having such a different sound to the other young bands. Hopefully that will be the same nationwide.

What’s the blues scene like in Bradford?

It’s not really there to be honest. The venues are few and far between and there’s a tendency to see the same old faces wherever you go. There’s definitely some killer bands though.

What’s your ultimate goal for the band?

It’d be nice to tour the States. If I can make a living playing songs I’ve written then I’m a happy guy.

You released an album last year called Songs From Desire Avenue which one of our team reviewed, tell us about that record.

It’s a well disguised break up record really. I wrote about half of it before we got the band together. The rest came mainly as co-writes with Danny.

What would you say are the highlight tracks that people should look out for?

Mood dependant that one. Queen of California for singalong chorus songs, Gasoline for heavy blues, Georgia for radio friendly pop, Call Off The Wedding for heartbreaking country. Really something for everyone!


So, you announced on Facebook that you’ve started on another album. How’s that going? Tell us about it?

It’s being written as we speak. We dropped a demo online a few weeks back, called “Can’t Help Myself” which went down really well, and we have a few more we’re playing in the live set at the minute. It’s a watch this space kinda thing.

What goes into writing a Do Miss America song?

Right now it tends to be written by either me or Danny, and then played to the other and presented to the band later on. There’s no set formula as such though.

Most bands have their music infused with elements of material by their favourite bands. Who inspires you?

I guess I adopt styles of writing from the whole range of music that I’ve listened to and enjoyed. I love the whole Alt Rock thing so a lot of stuff comes from that direction as well as the classic Americana rock bands. Then again, I always thought that Georgia sounded a bit like Savage Garden, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

How did the band form?

That was a weird one. I’d been playing solo and had a drummer lined up for a band. We found a guitarist at a jam session in a pub and hooked up Danny on bass. 6 months on and more line up changes than Spinal Tap, all that remained were me and Dan. Luke was a mate of his from school and I was at college with Travis so that was Guitar and Drums sorted. Rob joined about a month later after I met him in the pub.


How would you describe your live show?

The live show is pretty up tempo. It’s a tricky album to play live because it’s pretty slow in places. The new tunes are helping that though.

Have you done much touring? What sort of things do you get up to?

We haven’t toured at all to be honest. Bad management on my part!

If you had to cover a track, and it had to be a mainstream one, what would you pick and why?

Suspicious Minds. A great tune. Great vocal harmonies.

If you had a label what three bands near you would you sign and why?

Broken Hearts Club Band – Skiffle Pop with a double bass. Loveit.
Waiting for Wednesday – Female duo with beautiful harmonies. What’s not to love? Also they are on our album.
Andy Ruddy – Cracking singer/songwriter. Also my best mate so that’d be a right laugh!


Going off from that last question, if you could throw three major bands or artists into George Orwell’s room 101 and effectively wipe them out of existence, who would you choose and why?

Paloma Faith – She makes me angry.
Coldplay – A lot of love for Parachutes. Not a lot of love for anything after that.
Pitbull – He’s called Pitbull.

There’s a really cool unsigned music scene all over the UK, but what in an ideal world would you like to see happen in music worldwide?

In an ideal world we’d be the biggest band on the planet!

Why should people bother checking you out?

For the songs – hopefully they will do the talking for us. And for Travis, he has a well chiselled jaw.

Interview: Dave McPherson

Dave McPherson is the engaging frontman of Brentwood rock band InMe, and a man who has seen both the good and the bad side of the music industry. In this interview he talks about his new album Dreamoirs and Pledge Music.


For people who are unfamiliar with you please describe your musical style. 

I like to dip my toes into all sorts of styles really! My solo stuff is predominantly impassioned acoustic songs with a strong focus on melody.

You are on the verge of starting the Pledge Music campaign for your second album Dreamoirs, what can we expect from this album?

My proudest work to date! With the previous album ‘The Hardship Diaries’, some of it was rushed & recorded spontaneously whereas I did a lot more pre-production for this album so it’s a lot more focused and concise. ‘The Hardship Diaries’ was essentially a break up album whereas ‘Dreamoirs’ tackles varied subjects & not just my own love life.

This is the second time you’ve used Pledge Music to fund your album. What did you learn from your The Hardship Diaries campaign?

That there are some very kind and generous people who listen to my music! We reached the proposed 3 month target in 24 hours and they basically helped me get to the next level which is where I am now! I struggled to make ends meet for a few years but now I play & create music full time which was always my ultimate aim. It means I can push myself even further. I also learnt that I need to fulfil pledges as they come as I got behind last time and I don’t want that to happen again as it’s stressful to keep people waiting and to have a mountain as a to do list!


You have some unique items up for reward like Pillow Cases and Printed Paper. Were they your ideas? What was the thinking behind it? 

Basically everything is linked to the ‘Dreamoirs’ concept so things are to do with bedtime, lullabies etc! It’s a bit geeky and self indulgent but I like to have fun with ideas rather than just put CD, Tee Shirt, Hoodie etc. I came up with the list over 6-8 months based on refining what worked from previous campaigns and trial & error.

Your InMe band mate Gazz Marlow also has his own Pledge Music campaign running for his debut solo album. Is there any competition between the two of you? 

No not at all. Gazz is just starting out with his solo career whereas I’ve been building things up for a few years now. I pledged for his album too!

As well as writing Dreamoirs you are also doing a song a day challenge called The Good People Movement 365. How’s that going? 

It’s going really well, I’ve already recorded 40 songs so I’m well ahead of myself. It was daunting at first but it’s actually incredibly fun just spilling music out non stop and I’m learning a lot about melody and my songwriting whilst also collecting ideas for the next InMe and solo releases. The response from those involved has been amazing, they get 7 brand new songs a week and I think they’re strong. My brain doesn’t stop so this is a good form of medication!


You play a huge amount of shows, both as a solo artist and as InMe’s frontman. What is it about the live environment you enjoy?

I love the emotional release, the different people, the travel & the fun. I explore a lot too, me & my brother often travel together and unearth scenic treasures around the UK/Europe etc! Obviously I like the ale too!

Finally what is it that you think separates you from other solo artists?

I guess I have an unorthodox method of work. A lot of bigger artists do things the conventional way and that doesn’t really interest me. When I was a teenager I’d try to write an album a day for example and the 365 song idea is me extending that idea and returning to my roots regarding music. It’s not all going to be gold but that’s not the point, it’s being involved in music constantly that makes me happy. A few years ago I had jobs I didn’t enjoy, I was unhappy in myself, not creating near enough music or playing live enough. Now I’ve achieved where I wanted to be, it’s like an addiction and absorbs me all the time. My work is now my play and I’m determined not to lose this.


As you can see Dave McPherson is a man with an intense passion for what he does and still feels he has a point to prove. I know one things for certain with his dedicated fan base eagerly awaiting his next move he can’t fail.

His Pledge campaign goes live at 12pm on the 1st of February.