EP Review: The Rebel Light- Goodbye Serenade

282358_396845767040947_1181980866_nThink you know Indie music? Think again. Hailing from L.A., Indie/Electronic threesome The Rebel Light recorded and mixed their debut single ‘Goodbye Serenade’ utterly independently, specifically in their bathroom and wooden shed, worlds away from the likes of apparent Indie-kings Arctic Monkeys.

Their self-titled and first EP was released on the 13th of November last year and can be downloaded for free via iTunes. The band is made up of brothers and their cousin and their influences include The Beatles, The Libertines and Mumford and Sons.

‘Goodbye Serenade’ is truly an example of natural musical talent singing through despite the penny-pinching recording and production process. It opens with a simplistic, beautiful melody, a soft beat and one of the most comforting vocal styles you will hear in a long time. With the addition of brash drumming and fierce guitar, the track is clear proof of what raw passion and ability can achieve. The Rebel Light are also a humbling, prime example of the power of the internet and how those who use it have the power to push truly talented bands and artists into the spotlight they deserve.

The band’s organic flair bursts through the song, although it’s unfortunately easy to lose the lyrics behind rowdy yet uplifting instrumentation. ‘Goodbye Serenade’ is ultimately reflective of what it’s like to lose someone from your life and for your days to become cyclic and somewhat meaningless along the way; “Silence in my sleep; it’s the death of what I’ve done, a coma for your love.” With generally hard-hitting lyrics like, “It’s not the notes that you play, it is the silence in between”, the boys’ music-driven lifestyle really shines through.

Despite some world-renowned inspirations, The Rebel Light have achieved a rarity within the industry; a distinctive, unique style. ‘Goodbye Serenade’ does precisely what a debut single intends, and leaves the listener eager to hear more from them!

You can download ‘Goodbye Serenade’ and the rest of The Rebel Light’s Self-Titled EP for free here. 


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